McDonalds Is Far Too Good for Gender Studies Graduates


What do you say to a graduate with a first class degree in gender studies?
If your answer was “I’ll have that with a large fries and a McFlurry and an extra large Coke, sweetheart,” I’d seriously question your judgement.

What kind of self-respecting employer, let alone one of the world’s leading fast-food emporia, would be so blinkered and self-destructive as to give a valuable job to someone whose only training consisted of whiny self-pity, resentment, divisiveness, navel-gazing, and entitlement?

Sorry gender studies graduates, but there it is. And the same goes, I’d say, for about 90 per cent of the other graduates from 90 per cent of the courses at 90 per cent of universities in Britain (and beyond): you’ve wasted your time; you’ve been sold a pup; you’ve borrowed all that money on the basis of a false prospectus. Employers just aren’t interested in your crappy degree.

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