Petition: Chipotle MUST Stop Serving Class 2A Carcinogens – Like Deadly Pork and Beef – in Its Burritos

Unfortunately, all this has had the effect of raising my consciousness to such high levels that I can no longer eat their produce for fear that I might be endorsing the cultural appropriation of honest peasant food which should rightfully only be consumed by peoples of Mexican heritage; or that the workers who ask you whether you want black beans or brown beans on your tortilla may be being exploited; or that some animals might inadvertently have been harmed during the making of its pulled pork and shredded beef fillings.

In this spirit, I hope you will join me in signing this petition – kindly brought to my attention by Steve Milloy – urging Chipotle to remove from its menu such known carcinogens as pork and beef, which we now know from the World Health Organization belong in the same terrifying risk category as tobacco, asbestos and plutonium.

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