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December 21, 2010

Olive (Anna Karen) ponders another slight from Stan (Reg Varney)

Olive (Anna Karen) ponders another slight from Stan (Reg Varney)

Big excitement over Boris Johnson’s column today in which the sceptic-turned-warmist turns just a shade more sceptical again by wondering why Piers Corbyn does a better job of forecasting the weather than the Met Office.

I’m not accusing Boris of plagiarism, but this was essentially a watered down, politician’s version of a blog I posted nearly a fortnight ago called – The Met Office: Lousier Than A Dead Octopus. (And for an even fuller account of the Met Office’s warm bias, read this from the Global Warming Policy Foundation.)

As the good Dr North reminds us,as recently as late October the Met Office was predicting  that we should expect an “unusually dry and mild winter”. This was news to every independent weather forecaster in the world from Joe Bastardi to Piers Corbyn who have been predicting a harsh winter for months.

But the Met Office of course knew better thanks to its spiffy new £33 million IBM supercomputer (90 per cent funded, of course, by the taxpayer) whose precognitive powers are so great, it is said that on a good day with a fair wind behind it and can very nearly match the track record of the dead celebrity Paul the Octopus. And of course, it’s this very same computer which is responsible for so many of the “projections” – not even “predictions”, note, but “projections” – of Anthropogenic Climate Doom so lovingly detailed on its taxpayer-funded website.

But the important question is: how much significance should we read into Boris’s apparent, semi-renunciation of his Warmist views?

Really this is a job for a Kremlinographer. For example, you could read a sentence like this and be really disheartened:

Nothing he says, to my mind, disproves the view of the overwhelming majority of scientists, that our species is putting so much extra CO₂ into the atmosphere that we must expect global warming.

Alternatively, you could read it as a bravura politician’s exercise in arse-covering. What it says is essentially true: there are few scientists, even on the sceptical side of the argument, who would suggest that Anthropogenic CO2 has no effect whatsoever on global climate. So what sounds like a fervent declaration of faith in the Warmist creed may on closer examination be a perfectly innocuous statement of the bleeding obvious cunningly calculated to appease all Boris’s rentseeking chums in the City who stand to make a fortune from the Great Carbon Scam and would be most displeased if the Mayor of London were to show signs of wobbling.

Yet wobbling is, of course, exactly what Boris is doing. Or rather – remember, this is the man so ambitious he makes Alexander The Great look like Olive from On The Buses – he is slyly repositioning himself to take advantage of the inevitable collapse of public faith in the Great Anthropogenic Global Warming Ponzi Scheme.

All those thousands of people who’ve had their Christmas ruined as a result of Heathrow airport’s pathetic inability to operate in the snow; all those thousands who have been stranded shivering for eight hours at a stretch on our motorways; all those thousands who can’t use their local municipal sports club because the staff – as is the wont of public sector workers – can’t be bothered to allow themselves to be inconvenienced by the inclement conditions; all those people who are going to look at their electricity and gas bills come the end of next quarter and be appalled beyond measure by how increasingly unaffordable they are; all those businesses big and small whose profits are going to be seriously dented by our political class’s ongoing failure to address our transport infrastructure (and no I don’t mean the irrelevant high-speed rail link to Birmingham; I mean the much bigger problem of our shortage of runways at the airports serving London).

All these thousands of people add up to a lot of disgruntled voters ready to ask hard questions about everything from the size of the state (so patently NOT being shrunk to any significant degree by Cameron’s useless Coalition of the Unwilling) to the three main parties’ position on “Global Warming”.

This scepticism and anger will most likely intensify after next winter. And the one after that. And the one after that too. This is not Nostradamus speaking here. Just someone who reads enough to know that the Pacific Decadal Oscillation moves in 30-year cycles (and we’re entering a cold one) and that low sun spot activity tends to coincide with miserable winters and dull summers. And cold is the thing we should – and shall – most fear, not warmth.

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  1. Velocity says:24th December 2010 at 12:10 pmBoris is typical of the lower order politicians that populate Government, a bumbling idiot.

    If you mix him with a criminally hardened Marxist you actually get Gordon Brown.

    That explains much.

    The answer for society is not to suffer any of them. It’s called a free self-regulating society, no gov’t required. How are your Libertarian values coming along James, have you thought through and expunged the baby Alien in your chest called “small Gov’t” yet?

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