Environmental Scientists Make Shock Discovery: Ssustainable, Eco-Friendly Laboratories Are Combustible

Environmental scientists at the University of Nottingham have made a shocking and expensive discovery: eco-friendly buildings made of “sustainable” wood burn much more easily than eco-unfriendly ones made of stone, concrete, steel or glass.

They made their surprise discovery over the weekend when their new Carbon Neutral Laboratory for Sustainable Chemistry burned to the ground in what local firemen claimed was the biggest blaze in over a decade.

The £15 million building had been erected according to the most rigorous environmental principles, made with a wooden frame and other “sustainable” materials, and powered with “renewable” energy, so that the structure could remain “carbon neutral” throughout its lifetime.

According to Nottingham’s registrar Dr Paul Greatrix this demonstrated the university’s “commitment to sustainability in all its forms”.

Unfortunately, the fire appears to have remained unmoved by the building’s eco-friendly credentials and razed it to the ground in much the same way one of its ancestors did to a third of the City of London in the Great Fire of 1666.

After the Great Fire – and the rebuilding of London by Sir Christopher Wren – an act was passed in 1667 making it illegal to erect buildings using wooden frames.

However, three hundred years on, environmental experts have decided they know better. Timber-framed buildings have become fashionable again because, apparently, they make a “positive contribution to tackling climate change.”

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