Sargon of Akkad Is Just the Kind of Person We Need in Politics

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Brexit chaos, I’m starting to think, is the best thing to happen to British politics in our lifetimes.

As Exhibit A, I present this delicious video courtesy of Carl Benjamin, aka YouTube vlogger and cultural commentator Sargon of Akkad.

Benjamin is standing as a UKIP candidate in the forthcoming European elections. He is exactly the kind of person we need in politics: intelligent, thoughtful, committed, brave, authentic – and most definitely not career safe.

You get a flavour of this, I think, in this filmed discussion he had with an angry feminist while out on the campaign trail.

Calmly, rationally, articulately Benjamin defends a tweet he once sent to the posturing, monstrously overrated Labour MP Jess Phillips in which he said: “I wouldn’t rape you.”

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The Rise of Financial Blacklisting: Censorship Has a New Battleground

YouTuber Carl Benjamin aka Sargon of Akkad

Can you imagine how scary it would be to live in a world where your livelihood depended on having the ‘correct’ politics? It’s the sort of thing you might expect of totalitarian regimes – Baathist Iraq under Saddam Hussain; everywhere that has ever tried communism; increasingly, Xi’s panopticon China – but definitely not of any liberal democracy in the 21st century.

That dystopian future, though, may be much closer than you think. I only properly appreciated this recently when the podcast I’ve been doing for the last few years was mysteriously dropped by my regular employer, forcing me to seek funding sources from elsewhere.

Oh and just in case you’re interested, my now independent podcast – which you can find archived at – is just about the best thing on the internet, especially for anyone craving an antidote to relentless political correctness. If you don’t love it, you can have your money back – and that’s a promise!

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Ukip’s on the verge of a spectacular comeback – and it’s all thanks to Theresa May

A voter wears a UKIP rosette (image: Getty)

Paul Joseph Watson, Count Dankula and Sargon of Akkad have joined Ukip. Let that sink in. This is an in-joke which you’ll only appreciate if you’ve pretty much given up on the mainstream media and you prefer to fight all your culture wars battles online. Because, unusually, I happen to straddle both worlds — it’s an age and job thing — allow me to explain who these people are and why their support of Ukip suggests it might be on the verge of a major comeback.

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