Another Kamikaze Plot by MPs to Destroy Brexit with ‘Trump-Style’ Shutdown


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‘An all-party group of senior MPs’ are plotting to sabotage Brexit by ‘starving the [British] government of cash and creating a Donald Trump-style shutdown’.

Do any of these gimps appreciate what a terrible look this is for representative democracy?

According to the Sunday Times, this group includes “former Labour cabinet minister Yvette Cooper”, along with former Tory ministers Nicky Morgan, Oliver Wetwin and Nick Boles. The idea is to vote on “two amendments to the Finance Bill that would lead to a gridlock in Whitehall unless Theresa May wins approval from parliament for a deal with Brussels.”

No, I have no idea either whether this plan is likely to succeed. It could be just another of those “sounds big, means zilch” scoops that political editors come up with on a Sunday when there’s not much real news out there. Or, for all I know, it could be the beginning of end of Brexit.

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