Jazz hands? What will the snowflakes dream up next?

TODAY – along with tens of thousands of increasingly hungover first-year students across the country – my son is enjoying the fag-end of Fresher’s Week. When I dropped him off at his university last weekend, I gave him some fatherly advice on what he should wear for the freshers’ fancy dress party.

“Why don’t you go as a cannibal with a grass skirt and a bone through your nose?”

“That’s not funny, dad,” he said. And he’s right.

University these days is no joke. You can get in trouble merely for wearing a sombrero if you are not Mexican or a hula skirt if you are not Hawaiian (“cultural appropriation”).

It’s lucky, I suppose, that my son is not at Manchester.

The student union has decreed that applause might “pose an issue for students with disabilities such as anxiety or sensory issues”.

So instead, what everyone is now supposed to do is British sign language clapping, where the hands don’t actually meet but just waggle in the air.

“Jazz hands” as it’s better known.

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