Sun’s Impact on Climate ‘Greater than Thought’ Shock

Warren Mitchell, a representative of Pan American Airways, wearing a small umbrella on his head while watching a Davis Cup match between Australia and the USA at White City tennis courts, Sydney. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)
Keystone/Getty Images

The sun’s impact on climate is much larger than is generally recognised, finds a report for the Global Warming Policy Foundation by leading physicist Professor Henrik Svensmark.

Svensmark, a senior researcher in the Astrophysics and Atmospheric Physics Division of the National Space Institute (DTU Space) in Lyngby, Denmark, says that solar activity “has had a significant impact on climate during the Holocene period.”

Numerous studies have shown that throughout the Holocene period (approximately the last 10,000 years) there has been a strong correlation between solar activity and global warming and cooling.

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