Rallying Cry

Britain’s Trillion Pound Horror Story (Channel 4, Thursday) was unquestionably the most important programme that will appear on British television this year. Yes, even more important than Downton Abbey.

The thing that really drove home just how important was the point, quite early on, where the Fawn turned to me and said, ‘Ohmygod! Where do we emigrate to?’ And it’s not as though the Fawn has ever been one of those irksome left-liberal wives who keeps undermining her husband’s thought-through right-wing wisdom with prissy right-on inanities based on nothing more solid than hormones. No, sirree.

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4 thoughts on “Rallying cry”

  1. Velocity says:20th November 2010 at 1:33 amAhmen to that James and Congrats to Mr Durkin for once again hitting the nail on the head.

    You are one of the few UK journalists to ‘get it’ regards the scam that is Gov’t and climate change. But like the Tea Party you still don’t ‘get’ the ultimate solution.

    Namely you believe in (much) smaller Gov’t and (much) smaller taxation.

    But you’ve not completed your education if i may be so forthright, and hopefully not at all patronising. Because you’re still sold on the idea of Gov’t. The ultimate liberal idea, the very seed to another generational failure, another scam down the line, keeping the baby of liberalism which turns into socialism and fascism.

    Gov’t is the enemy within. Gov’t always was the enemy, of freedom, free choice, and free markets, all along.

    We don’t need less Gov’t. That’s doing only half a job. We need zero Gov’t, zero taxes, zero laws and zero regulation.

    Think about it and free yourself from ever having or needing a politician in your life to tell you what to do or force his ‘dvise’ down your throat.

    Freedom and free markets will give you all you seriously need faster and better and more efficiently than any Gov’t structure will ever give you. Society is a self regulating mechanism like the climate. No Gov’t required.

  2. Velocity says:22nd November 2010 at 1:12 pmJames,

    Just read our “Only the Tea Party can Save Us” article and from the bottom of my heart, I couldn’t agree more. I’ve felt the way you so eloquently described, including the depression of returning to fuk-wit PC rule obsessed Britain, for many years.

    But as my above post mentions, you’ve not found the solution, because like the Tea Party and honourable people like Ron Paul, you still don’t fully understand the reason for this cancerous growth in wealth and freedom destroying Gov’t.

    The answer is not small Gov’t and less Gov’t.

    The answer is zero Gov’t, no Gov’t.

    The problem is Gov’t is a monopoly power structure, as apposed the free market where two apposing forces (consumer and business) find balance through the competition mechanism. Only the competition mechanism gives the consumer, or citizen, choice (ie. power).

    There is zero difference between a Western ‘democratic’ Gov’t and the USSR central controlled committee structure. Just in the West the Gov’t machine is surrounded with some free (over regulated) enterprises that prop up this monopoly power structure a little longer.

    Power corrupts. The Founding Fathers of America knew the dangers of Gov’t, and knew they were giving birth to a beast that could be tyranical. Their worst fears came true. But they should never of unleashed a monopoly power structure called Gov’t, even the quant stupid idea called “democracy”, they should have killed this potential tyrant baby at birth.

    You, Ron Paul, the Tea Party all have the alien inside your chest. You just want smaller less intrusive Gov’t but you are all carrying, like the Founding Fathers, the seed of the next generation of alien being to kill our freedoms, suck the life out of our free enterprise and wealth creation. The little alien called small Gov’t is ready to explode out of your chest at any time you turn a bling eye, and ravish all humanity again.

    Society, people, the herd is a self regulating mechanism.

    We do not need Gov’t, nor Law, nor Judiciary, nor Police (3 more monopoly power structures).

    We need competition for our (citizens) business. That passes power to us, the citizen, to decide what succeeds and what doesn’t.

    Freedom and Free (competitive) markets. The only mechanism that works.

    Gov’t IS the problem, not the solution. Think it through my friend and you will reach a true Nirvana, not a half baked one like the Founding Fathers that’ll give birth to the next layer of human scum (tyranny).

  3. MarcoB says:23rd November 2010 at 9:40 amHi James

    I did watch the documentary and it hit some great points except one…. the biggest one of all…
    That the reason behind 4.8 trillion deficit is simple, the government borrows all it’s money from the bank of england at interest (inflation). And where does the bank of england get the money? Well, it prints it out of thin air. It works on the same principle as the FED. If all the money was paid back, there would be no money… it’s the biggest ponzi scheme of all, like playing at a poker table, were each round ends, the house takes a cut of the winnings (interest) while the public/economy has to fight for the decreasing number of chips on the table or borrow more.

    In a free nation, the govenment needs to be able to print money debt free. As long as the money is backed by resources( gold, silver, oil, coal) or the countries infrastructure (airports, railways, ect) inflation doesn’t occur. Watch “the secret of oz” if you haven’t already and you get a great understanding of how screwed up this all is.



  4. Velocity says:28th November 2010 at 1:57 pmMarcoB

    Spot on. The problem with our money is it is debt, debt money. The problem is structural. Until someone changes the money system, of our labour/productivity being transfered through debt free money, most of the rest of the major problems (bank debt, Gov’t debt, consumer debt) will not be solved (properly).

    By the way our £4.8T debt is not a “deficit”. The deficit is the annual Gov’t shortfall between what the crooks take off us in taxes and what they spend. The spend so much they have to borrow the deficit. Our debt is the combined sum of these crooks spending over many years.

    Everything Gov’t touches turns to crap.

    That’s because every part of Gov’t, from education to healthcare, police to judiciary, transport to energy, is a monopoly power structure. We have no choice (ie power). We have to swallow whatever crap this toilet called Westminster forces down our throats and takes out of our pockets. If you don’t pay this ‘democracy’ its taxes it’ll put you in jail.

    ‘Democracy’ and Gov’t are both 4 letter words.

    When will we ever take our freedom back from this f**king bankrupt criminal Ponzi scheme called a democratic Government????

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