BBC Throws Feminist Icon Jenni Murray to the Transgender Wolves

The BBC has thrown its feminist High Priestess to thetransgender wolves because she dared to suggest that a man born with a penis isn’t really a woman.

As blue on blue SJW infighting goes, you could scarcely ask for a more perfect popcorn movement.

Up until now, Dame “Jenni” Murray has maintained a reputation for stern, disapproving, joke-free feminist political correctness (but is there any other kind…?) of the most impeccably fingerwagging rectitude.

Listening to her morning BBC radio show Woman’s Hour is like being subjected to a 60 minute lecture on the shortcomings of men, the superiority of women and the manifest injustice of the patriarchal hegemony, delivered by a school games mistress wearing iron underwear and a kaftan knitted by a Turkish oppressed women’s collective, while being forcefed organic breast milk laced with Hormone Replacement chemicals and the collected works of Germaine Greer, Erica Jong and Susie Orbach.

So for Dame Jenni [she’s very proud of her title and uses it a lot] to find herself caught out on the wrong side by the PC Gestapo is about as deliciously unlikely as Meryl Streep raising her next Oscar statuette high and saying: “I’m dedicating this one to my hero The Donald!”

But where, if anywhere, should our sympathies lie in this hilarious “Death of Little Nell on steroids” tragedy?

On the one hand, it’s true, Murray has long deserved her comeuppance. She may not be quite as shrill or deranged as some of the younger generation of Third Wave feminazis, but she has definitely helped poison the wells for male/female relationships by promulgating her grisly, joyless Marxist feminist view that any time a woman does the dishes, cooks a souffle or puts on a sexy maid’s outfit then basically she has failed as a meaningful human being.

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Christine Rice: your new favourite mezzo soprano | James Delingpole

July 21, 2011


This column isn’t just for the nasty things in life. That’s why, this morning, while we’re still a bit monged from Latitude and constructing our next proper blog post, we should like to pay tribute to the wondrous, divine, gorgeous and clearly enormously perceptive and bright mezzo soprano Christine Rice. Why? Because of what she said the other day on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour in an interview with Jenni Murray. (H/T Fay Kelly-Tuncay; Biased BBC)

Murray asked Rice about her early career as a scientist researching “global warming.” Rice replied:

I was amazed really by the inadequacy of what we had, because we’re talking about climate change which is over tens of thousands of years as opposed to the twenty years of data that we had. So in a way we were putting out a lot of ideas and not really having concrete scientific research to support it, and I suppose at that point I did lose a little bit of my spark, thinking well I could propose an idea and I could probably draft a thesis that would support it and yet I wouldn’t really convince myself necessarily.

At this point Murray moved the conversation swiftly on. Can’t have that kind of contrarian nonsense sullying the BBC airwaves, can we now?

One Response to “Christine Rice: your new favourite mezzo soprano”

  1. colin powis says:July 21, 2011 at 9:16 amIt’s about time that some one had the courage to say the obvious ; that the king is wearing no clothes and that GW is an obvious hysterical fraud …it is the return of LYSENKOISM ;science corrupted by politics and is all part of the Leftist political agenda
    hmmm….have you noticed how many of the GW promoters happen to be ”gay” ?

    This hysteria over GW , like any other fadd or fashion ,has it’s own momentum and shelf life and has clearly ”peaked” in the UK…the mainsteam public has become skeptical and tired of the hysteria and bogus predictions of the ECO-TWITS…we can expect these drama queens to become increasing shrill and deranged as they become sidelined and ignored…rather like an aging french actress who cannot accept that she’s not wanted anymore
    HA HA …the Bridget Bardot of climate change!