The Green Movement’s True Colors

Imagine if everything you knew about the environment was wrong.

Imagine that global warming was something to be desired, not feared. Imagine that organic food, sustainability, biofuels and the WWF were far more harmful to the world and its inhabitants than GM food, industry, oil and ExxonMobil.
Imagine if it didn’t matter one jot how big your carbon footprint was and you could go out and buy as many Hummers as you liked or accumulate as many air miles as you wanted without the need to feel the slightest sliver of guilt about the environmental damage you were causing.

Imagine if carbon dioxide were our friend.

Imagine if the world’s biggest mass murderer was a woman who campaigned against chemicals and pesticides, and the world’s biggest savior was the man who saved hundreds of millions from hunger with mutant crops and modern agricultural technologies.

Imagine if for a fraction of the money we’re spending to “combat climate change” we could ensure that no child went hungry or was malnourished, and that everyone in the world had access to clean drinking water. Imagine that “overpopulation” was an illusory problem. Imagine that fossil fuels were a miracle we should cherish—not a curse. Imagine if we could stop worrying about “scarce resources.” Imagine if the polar bears, glaciers, coral reefs, rain forests, Pacific islands, and the polar ice caps were all doing just fine. Imagine if economic growth, far from destroying the world, made it cleaner, healthier, happier—and with more open spaces.

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