Climategate: Monckton and North spit-roast Pachauri

A couple of must-reads if you haven’t seen them already.

First, the splendid Christopher Monckton’s thoroughgoing demolition of a speech given at Copenhagen yesterday by the IPCC’s increasingly threadbare chairman, Dr Rajendra Pachauri. As I suggested the other day, there may be the odd conflict-of-interest issue between Pachauri’s various directorships in the alternative energy industry and his position in charge of a body (the IPCC) with so much power to change global energy policy.

The Viscount Monckton thinks so too:

It is time for Railroad Engineer Pachauri to get back to his signal-box. About the climate, as they say in New York’s Jewish quarter, he knows from nothing.

Together with Australian Senator Fielding, he has written this to Dr Pachauri:

We have looked for your declaration of these interests in the documents of the IPCC, particularly in its 2007 Fourth Assessment Report, but we have not found them.

Our conclusion is that you have numerous substantial direct or indirect vested financial and commercial interests profiting from the emissions reduction processes that the documents produced by the IPCC under your chairmanship have triggered.

I would be very surprised if the cricket-loving, jetsetting, troll-impersonator remains the IPCC’s chairman for much longer. Not after these equally devastating assaults by Richard North here and here.

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