I’d Take Lord Curzon over Gandhi – and So Would Many Indians

In India last week I found myself thinking about Mohandas Gandhi and his famous quote when asked what he thought about western civilisation. ‘I think it would be a good idea,’ he replied.

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One thought on “I’d take Lord Curzon over Gandhi – and so would many Indians”

  1. Velocity says:20th November 2010 at 2:05 amWhat’s getting Indias poor out of the gutter is precisely what got England out of sheep skins and scratching a living every day like the birds and the bees: industrialisation.Or put another way. mans understanding and exploitation (management) of the Earth. That is the wealth stream that creates er, wealth!

    Ghandi and his first rung on the tool ladder, the basic cotton wheel, will get no man nowhere.

    The English used an energy source (coal) combined with smelting iron (technology) to take the basic cotton wheel to new productive heights (wealth). That’s what turned England into the global powerhouse it was, and Germany now is, and China and India are becoming.

    Ghandi bless him just didn’t understand industrialisation. That’s what comes of being educated at liberal twat establishments like Oxford.

    PS. how much more useful/productive is your Tut Tut driver than Ghandi and his cotton wheel. I’m living in Rome at the mo, and marvel at every traffic lights the sight of private enterprise filling every niche and opportunity with immigrants offering my ciggy lighters, tissues etc etc. Thank God Gov’t doesn’t run everything. Imagine getting to the other airport without the private sector there and only Gov’t officialdom to help out?

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