Cancun suffers its final indignity: a visit from ‘Two Jags’ Prescott | James Delingpole

December 2nd, 2010


Two jags loses his cool on the Politics Show (Image: BBC)

John ‘Two Jags’ Prescott – Lord Prescott to his valet and also to the maitre d’ at his local Hull branch of McDonalds as he ushers him obsequiously to his private booth – is flying off to Cancun to help boost the event’s carbon footprint. Perhaps there is some other purpose to his visit too. Perhaps it has something to do with his fancy new title The Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly Rapporteur. Having just watched him being interviewed by Andrew Neil on the BBC’s Daily Politics I’m afraid I’m really none the wiser.

It’s great fun to see Neil goading Prezza, and Prezza very nearly losing it only to remember he’s a Lord now and Lords aren’t supposed to punch peoples’ lights out on’t posh people’s fancy TV programmes. Problem is, because Prezza talks such gibberish he’s essentially untrappable. The closest he gets to admitting that the real agenda of Cancun is as scary as some of us have long been saying it is, is when he says:

“If you’re talking about quality of life these things are going to have to be challenged.”

This is a political euphemism for: “We plan to bomb the Western economy back to the dark ages in order to deal with a problem which is entirely the invention of eco-fascists bent on imposing their Marxist redistributionist agenda on the world.”

Obviously this is all very funny and we can laugh knowingly about this, except at the same time it’s not. What kind of universe do we inhabit where a creature of Prescott’s magisterial stupidity, incompetence and chippiness is, instead of being accorded his proper place in a cardboard box under a bridge, rewarded by being treated as a global ambassador with the power (however cackhandedly deployed) to affect other people’s lives. No loving God could possibly allow such a thing to happen. We should all become atheists in protest.

One Response to “Cancun suffers its final indignity: a visit from ‘Two Jags’ Prescott”

  1. Velocity says:December 2, 2010 at 5:02 amWhat you’re telling me Prescott didn’t row across to Cancun, he flew???First surprise there’s a freight plane that can carry the fat lazy useless gobby twat (ie.socialist). Second, the whales are endangered, we could do with another one in the sea.

    As for Prescott saying we must get use to a lower quality of life, isn’t that precisely what happens after anytime the Marxist scum of Labour (and progressive Lib-Cons) are in Gov’t any length of time and rape the wealth to the point of bankruptcy?

    ‘Who ate all the Pies’ Prescott should know exactly what his ‘devine governance’ has given the country: debilitating debt for the real workers of the country to pay off to enrich the fat lazy useless socialist scum lifestyles of the public sector

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