1001 Reasons Why Global Warming Is So Totally Over in 2016

Climate change is over. It’s a busted flush. The alarmists now have all the credibility of bewildered Harold Camping followers shivering on a mountaintop the morning after the night before, looking all shifty and embarrassed as they realise the Rapture their models so confidently promised just ain’t going to happen…

If you still doubt this, here are three recent pieces which should put your mind at rest.

The first – modestly titled The Most Comprehensive Assault On Global Warming Ever – was written by a US physics professor called Mike van Biezen. It lists ten of the reasons (though there are many more) why man-made global warming theory no longer has any credibility. They are:

1.Temperature records from around the world do not support the assumption that today’s temperatures are unusual

2. Satellite temperature data does not support the assumption that temperatures are rising rapidly

3. Current temperatures are always compared to the temperatures of the 1980’s, but for many parts of the world the 1980’s was the coldest decade of the last 100+ years

4. The world experienced a significant cooling trend between 1940 and 1980

5.Urban heat island effect skews the temperature data of a significant number of weather stations

6. There is a natural inverse relationship between global temperatures and atmospheric CO2levels

7. The CO2 cannot, from a scientific perspective, be the cause of significant global temperature changes

8. There have been many periods during our recent history that a warmer climate was prevalent long before the industrial revolution

9.Glaciers have been melting for more than 150 years

10. “Data adjustment” is used to continue the perception of global warming

Then there are two pieces on what, for me, is the single most persuasive argument against man-made global warming theory: the (considerably more dramatic) fluctuations of climate long before mankind was in any position to influence it.

Here are the key points of an essay on the subject by Ed Hoskins:

Read the rest at Breitbart.

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