What on Earth Does Ukip Think It Is Playing at?

Man down!
Ukip leader hopeful was flattened by one of his Ukip colleagues earlier this week (Credit: ITV)

STEVEN Woolfe is one of the most charming, likeable, charismatic men in politics – and with an amazing back story too.

Part black American, part Jewish, part Irish, he was brought up by strict Catholic Labourvoting parents on Manchester’s rough Moss Side estate, went to the same primary school as Oasis’s Liam Gallagher, won a scholarship to a private school and took a law degree from Aberystwyth University, before ending up as a dandyish Ukip MEP and favourite to become the party’s next leader.

So as both a Ukip fan and a friend and admirer of Woolfe’s I was naturally rather horrified yesterday to see photographs of him sprawled on the floor of the European Parliament in Strasbourg having apparently been flattened by one of his Ukip colleagues.

Sure, there are elements to the story which – now it’s clear that Woolfe is going to pull through – are funny and oddly pleasing.

I quite like the idea of politicians settling their differences man-to-man: just like in the good old days when Prime Minister Lord Canning fought a duel with his Minister for War Lord Castlereagh. Yes, it is hilariously apt that the man allegedly responsible was named Mike Hookem.

Read the rest in the Express.

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