We Are Living in Crazy Times When Strictly Come Dancing Goes PC

FAR too often when I open the papers it’s as if I’ve been transported to a parallel universe in which all the rules of common sense and logic have been suspended, where shrill, bullying minorities tyrannise normal folk.


Let me list some of the stories that have caused me to drop my marmalade recently and see whether you’re as mystified as I am by this bizarre new world we inhabit.

A lesbian comedian has been vilified for choosing to dance with a man rather than another woman on Strictly Come Dancing.

A gay vicar on the same show has said it’s about time men were allowed to ballroom dance with men too.

A Christian couple are trying to sue their child’s primary school because it now allows boys to turn up in a dress, meanwhile across Britain more and more schools are – at considerable expense – replacing single sex toilets with gender neutral ones.

Read the rest in the Express.


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