Cohn’s Meeting with Global Climate and Energy Ministers Is an Act of War Against Trump’s Base

Gary Cohn
AP/Alex Brandon

Gary Cohn, chief economic advisor to President Trump, is to host a meeting in New York with the world’s leading climate and energy ministers.
According to the New York Times:

The breakfast in New York next Monday will be held against a backdrop of devastation in the United States and the Caribbean from two monster hurricanes that scientists say may have been made more ferocious by warming trends. It also comes as the Trump administration is navigating an uncertain position in the international climate change negotiations, having declared it will withdraw from the global Paris agreement while also telling nations it remains open to continued discussions.

This raises a number of important questions.

  1. How will this meeting be of any benefit whatsoever to anyone who voted for Donald Trump?
  2. How will this advance, in any way, the President’s stated mission to “drain the swamp”?
  3. What on earth is this Vampire Squid Democrat still doing in the White House?

And the answers of course are:

  1. None.
  2. It won’t.
  3. Search me.

Let’s state something very clearly here – something that really can’t be stated often enough because, of all the conspiracies perpetrated by the liberal elite against the ordinary man and woman, this is probably the most all-encompassing and disgusting.

Read the rest at Breitbart.

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