I Can Forgive U2 Singer Bono for Tax Dodge but Not His Hypocrisy


I can forgive U2 singer Bono for tax dodge but not his hypocrisy — after the star was exposed in the Paradise Papers data leak.

With luck, other dreadful celebrities thinking of doing the same thing will learn a lesson from this scandal.

If the greatest pop music is the most personal, then Bono’s next U2 album should be a cracker.

He will no doubt write about something close to his heart — avoiding tax.

As always, the humble Irishman will be keeping it real by telling a story we can all relate to.

It’s about an ordinary guy, born Paul Hewson, best friend of popes, prime ministers and presidents, and his heroic mission to save the world and his near-billion dollar fortune by sheltering it in ingenious offshore accounting schemes including a shopping centre in Lithuania, bought via low-tax Malta.

Bono is one of the celebrities exposed in the Paradise Papers data leak. Like last year’s Panama Papers, it involves the release of private documents detailing some of the tax avoidance schemes used by the rich and powerful.

Read the rest in the Sun.

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