Now Even Conservatives Are Calling for Pruitt’s Head. They Are Wrong

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

The knives are out for Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt. We expected this from the Green Blob—if you’re taking flak it means you’re over the target. But now even the conservative media is joining in calls for his head.

Here is the Weekly Standard in an unsigned editorial:

Pruitt’s use of public money for non-essential purposes has become a pattern. He’s used taxpayer dollars to purchase lavish dinners and accommodations in five-star hotels; a new, expensively retrofitted Chevrolet Suburban; first-class flights, domestic and foreign, for himself and his security detail; a massive security entourage; “special hiring authority” pay raises for favored staff; and costly office renovations (this last violated two laws, according to the Government Accountability Office). None of these profligacies, taken by itself, would present a major political problem. But together, they present a major one.

Even red-meat, Trumpophiliac Red State kinda, sorta thinks it might be time Pruitt went:

Read the rest at Breitbart.

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