Elon Musk Threatens UK Wildlife with Giant Solar Battery

AFP/File Brendan Smialowski

Elon Musk is threatening to despoil the English countryside with another of his giant solar battery gimmicks. It will be the ‘biggest evah’, of course.

But the green scheme is so eco-unfriendly that even environmentalists are campaigning to have the project nixed.

As David Rose reports:

Green campaigners are fighting to block a £400 million plan to build a solar energy farm the size of 600 football pitches on marshland that provides a habitat for rare birds such as the marsh harrier.

The proposed 890-acre farm, five times as big as Britain’s largest existing one in Wiltshire, lies outside Graveney, near Faversham in Kent, along the edge of the Swale estuary, an officially designated Biodiversity Operational Area.

This is home to rare nesting birds and surrounded by protected zones for wildlife.

Because it is also a flood plain, the project’s 989,000 solar panels will be mounted on frames 12ft tall – the height of a double-decker bus.

Unlike most solar farms, Cleve Hill Solar Park’s panels will not all face south, but east and west in a continuous zig-zag.

The effect, say the scheme’s opponents, will be to turn green meadows into something resembling a colossal factory roof.

Economically and environmentally the scheme makes no sense whatsoever. Apart from ruining a huge swathe of countryside and killing or displacing all the local wildlife, it will do little for Britain’s energy needs.

Read the rest at Breitbart.

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