Milkshake Attacks on Tommy Robinson Aren’t Clever, Funny, or Harmless

Tommy Robinson
Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Sometimes I think that the British Establishment won’t rest until Tommy Robinson ends up murdered. If this were to happen, it would kill a number of birds with one stone. First, it would rid the liberal elite of one of its most determined and outspoken critics — especially on the very awkward topics of Islam and rape gangs.

Secondly, it would almost inevitably result in rioting, which the government would secretly welcome as an excuse to flex its authoritarian muscles. The police would be encouraged to come down hard on Tommy’s supporters, thus demonstrating that the government is ‘serious’ about dealing with the ‘far right’ menace. It would show that Theresa May (or whoever replaces her) has a ‘firm grip’ and it would provide much welcome distraction from the awkward topic of Brexit.

Read the rest on Breitbart.

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