After Brexit, Britain Needs Some Actual Conservatism for a Change

Nigel Jacob
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Whoever wins the next general election I hope Jacob Rees-Mogg writes their manifesto.

His definition of conservative values seems to me an excellent guide as to the direction Britain should head post-Brexit:

Tories believe in a society that is built from the bottom up where the state is there to help and protect, not to order and direct…


The object of a Conservative government is to allow people to lead the lives that they want, while trying to take obstacles out of their way.


The best interests of the collective are served by the free choices of individuals, rather than the socialist ideal that the best interests of the individual are served by the orders of the collective.

Yes! Imagine what an amazing, prosperous and free place Britain would be if its next government understood these basic principles. What I like about them is the way they put clear blue water between the ideology of the left and the ideology of the right – but without coming across as off-puttingly ideological or too constrictingly party political.

Read the rest  on Breitbart.

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