Game of Thrones: the final episode reviewed

Game of Thrones could not have ended any other way, says James Delingpole

Happiness writes white.” Henry de Montherlant

My least favourite part of Peter Jackson’s magisterial Lord of the Rings trilogy is the half hour of toecurling mawkishness at the end where you have to endure all the surviving characters getting married and living happily ever after. Game of Thrones was inevitably going to have a similar problem. After 70 episodes of intrigue, rape, incest, massacres, betrayal, quests, duels, epic battles, existential struggles with the forces of the undead, the healing – and sometimes clunky and twee –  resolutions in the 71st were always going to be a bit of an anticlimax.

But how could it be otherwise?

That’s why I’m going to disagree quite strongly with all those critics who are dissing the series finale as the most embarrassingly lame thing ever.

Read the rest in the Spectator.

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