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Accidental hero: one of the Chernobyl liquidators
Accidental hero: one of the Chernobyl liquidators

How many people do you think died at Chernobyl? 10,000? 50,000? 300,000? The correct answer, according to the never knowingly understated World Health Organisation — in a thorough report released nearly 20 years after the 1986 explosion — was ‘fewer than 50’.

Ah, but what about all the mutant babies who ended up with two heads and webbed feet? What about the inevitable epidemic of cancers? Well, yes, it’s true that 4,000 more cases of thyroid cancer were loosely attributable to Chernobyl, mainly in children and adolescents. But the survival rate was 99 per cent.

Read the rest in the Spectator.

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Gregory Barton
Gregory Barton
3 years ago

I’m disappointed that you didn’t take the angle, ‘Chernobyl is not anti-nuclear and does not support the Green Blob’ or words to that effect. Despite the drama and sensationalism of the series, the message is clear: The accident was not due to the inherent danger of nuclear power, it was due to hubris, ignorance and a political system that did not have a grip on reality.