The BBC Leadership Debate Had a Clear Winner – Farage’s Campaign to Scrap the TV Licence Fee

LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 18: In this handout photo provided by the BBC, MP Boris Johnson speaks during a Conservative Leadership televised debate on June 18, 2019 in London, England. Emily Maitlis hosts the second of the televised Conservative Leadership debates for the BBC. Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Jeremy Hunt, …
Jeff Overs/BBC via Getty Images

There was one clear winner of last night’s BBC leadership debate: Nigel Farage’s campaign to abolish the TV licence fee.

The BBC is a disgrace, an embarrassment, a monstrosity. Its politics are so relentlessly woke, its bias so shameless, its hatred of the values shared perhaps by the vast majority of its viewers so flagrant, that it is quite incapable of serving its claimed purpose as the nation’s source of fair and balanced information.

Any properly functioning democracy would have pulled the plug on such a malign and corrupting institution long ago. As it reminded us once again last night, the BBC exerts a powerful and pernicious effect on Britain’s body politic, exploiting its near-total domination of broadcast media first to dictate the terms of the political debate and second to push them in an ever-leftwards direction. (The Overton Window.)

It’s the BBC’s leftwards enlargement of the Overton Window we have to thank for the fact that we’ve got an antisemitic, terrorist-supporting Marxist on the brink of government; the reason that, for at least ten years now, is the Conservative government has not dared to do anything remotely conservative; the reason, largely, that people feel like strangers in their own country and no longer feel able to speak their minds.

That dog’s breakfast of a politics debate we endured last night was the very exemplar of all these failings.
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