Sky News Eco Propaganda Gets Ratioed on Twitter

June 1942: Workman at an electric phosphate smelting furnace in a Tennessee Valley Authority chemical plant near Muscle Shoals. (Photo by Alfred T. Palmer/MPI/Getty Images)
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Watch in agony – and then enjoy as Sky News gets horribly ratioed for an excruciatingly embarrassing piece of eco-propaganda it posted on Twitter.

Only 400 retweets at the time of writing – but 1,500 comments, mostly from Twitter users aghast that a vaguely reputable news channel should squander its resources on the kind of eco-tosh so fantastically lame it might have been scripted by a 16-year old autistic kid in pigtails.

Headlined ‘Our carbon debt’, the short video tries to reposition the Industrial Revolution – the single greatest leap in living standards in the history of the world – as a terrible mistake for which we should now make amends.

Read the rest on Breitbart.

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