Who is Boris Johnson, Prime Minister?

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Today Boris Johnson becomes Britain’s prime minister.

But who is he, what’s he like and what can we expect?

By weird coincidence, he happens to be the second prime minister with whom I was friends at university. And the first reassuring news I can bring is that he is going to be a considerable improvement on his predecessor-but-one, David Cameron.

To understand their differences a good place to start is their attitude to the exclusive education they were lucky enough to enjoy.

Both went to Eton, where they learned – among other things – that they were born to rule. But where for Cameron this was a stigma – an embarrassing impediment to his attempts to pass himself off as the people’s prime minister ‘Dave’, for Boris it’s all a jolly wheeze, something to be celebrated at every turn with old school slang and Latin epigrams and a self-consciously posh, fruity accent. (As a recent profile put it: “Johnson’s rare gift is to combine unabashed elitism with popular appeal.”)

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