Gloriously un-PC: Ronan Bennett’s Top Boy reviewed

Is the drug/gangs genre the last island of authenticity and candour on TV?

The boys are back in town: Kane Robinson as Sully and Ashley Walters as Dushane in Top Boy. Credit: Chris Harris/Netflix

Sir Lenny Henry, the former comedian, is wont to complain to anyone who’ll listen that there isn’t enough ‘diversity’ on TV. Really, he should watch Top Boy (Netflix). Apart from the odd token walk-on whitey — skanky crack addicts, nasty immigration officers — it’s wall-to-wall BAME casting opportunities. The protagonist, Dushane (Ashley Walters), is black. So are all his friends, family and associates (his mandem, as they are colloquially known). So, mostly, is the urban music soundtrack, the work of various grime artists curated by the show’s co-producer, Canadian rapper Drake.

Read the rest in the Spectator.

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