Britain’s Remoaner Parliament Is an Embarrassing Joke


I agree with Douglas Murray: in twenty years’ time we’re going to look back on this era as an age of insanity and wonder how it was that so many people could possibly have been so stupid. Our political class especially.

Can there ever have been a period in history — even in the turmoil of the years leading up to the Civil War — when Parliament lost the plot quite so spectacularly? When the people supposedly serving us as our elected representatives proved themselves so disgracefully low-rent, so manifestly thick, so embarrassingly unfit for purpose?

I’m thinking, particularly, of the debate last week — or rather the excuse for a pretence of a mockery of a debate — when the leftist loons on the Opposition benches decided to take tactical offence at the Prime Minister’s use of a series of harmless words: “humbug”, “surrender”, “capitulation”.

Humbug is an old fashioned word — most famously used by Scrooge in A Christmas Carol — for dishonest or deceptive speech.

And humbug was, of course, exactly what previously unknown Labour MP Paula Sherriff was guilty of when she decided that the best way to humiliate Prime Minister Boris Johnson and grab herself a few minutes of limelight was metaphorically to disinter the corpse of murdered MP Jo Cox.

“I genuinely do not seek to stifle robust debate”, she began — her nose visibly lengthening.

Paula ‘Pinocchio’ Sherriff then went on to lambast the Prime Minister for his use of “offensive, dangerous or inflammatory language for legislation that we do not like.”

Read the rest on Breitbart.

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