Neither Boris nor Corbyn Won the TV Debate. Nigel Farage Did.

BOLSOVER, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 05: Brexit party leader Nigel Farage attends an election campaign event at Bolsover Boxing Club on November 5, 2019 in Bolsover, England. The UK’s main parties are gearing up for a December 12 general election after the motion was carried in a bid to break the …
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Hands-down winner of last night’s general election TV debates was Nigel Farage: the only authentic politician, the only man willing or able to tell it like it is.

He even gave a straight answer to an elephant trap of a question about what he did personally to save the environment:

“I drive all over the country. I catch a lot of aeroplane flights every year. I am not a leading example.”

That was while being cross-examined on ITV after the main debate in which only Boris and Corbyn took part. His performance on a BBC Question Time special with Fiona Bruce, though, was even better because it was punchier.It was just Farage, on his own, in front of a studio audience which — typical BBC — sounded as if it had been bussed in from a Labour Momentum meeting.

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