RIP David Bellamy – Nature TV Star Cancelled by BBC for Climate Change Wrongthink

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

David Bellamy is dead — and if his name doesn’t mean much to you that is largely the fault of the disgusting BBC.

For a decade or so from the ’70s onwards, botanist and environmentalist Bellamy was just about the biggest nature star on British TV, only equalled in celebrity by his fellow David, David Attenborough.

In some respects, Bellamy was the more famous and better-loved character, especially when comedian Lenny Henry spoofed him as a bearded eccentric with the catchphrase “gwapple me gwapenuts”.

(Bellamy was easy to impersonate because he pronounced his ‘r’s as ‘w’s – a condition known as ‘rhotacism’).

Attenborough specialised in wildlife; Bellamy in plants; both were superstars, even back in the 1970s; both were well on their way to becoming national treasures.

But only one of them did. What happened to Bellamy?

Simple. Bellamy was an early victim of what is now known as cancel culture.

Read the rest on Breitbart.

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