Three Cheers for Brexit Heroes Gina Miller and Jolyon Maugham!

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Let’s celebrate two of the unsung heroes of Brexit: Gina Miller and Jolyon Maugham QC!

Nobody remembers them today, of course. Like David Gauke, Andrew Adonis, Sam Gymiah, and all the other bizarre anomalous creatures who rose briefly to prominence during the Brexit wars, their destiny from now on is, at best, to be seen drinking liquidised kangaroo testicles on future series of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here — or, at worst, to end up as the subject of tricky pub quiz trivia questions which not even the hardcore quizzers will get right.

But before they disappear forever down the plughole of history, let us pause briefly to toast their vital contribution to Brexit.

Gina Miller, you’ll dimly recall, was the posh, rich financier woman who appeared from nowhere with her wodges of City cash and her gobby relentlessness, determined to pull every trick in the book to try prevent all those plebby, uneducated people who voted for Brexit from getting their democratically expressed wish.

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