The only way to survive Christmas TV is to avoid anything seasonal and watch Giri/Haji

Destined to become the actor of his generation: Will Sharpe as Rodney in Giri/Haji. Image: BBC / Sister Pictures / Luke Varley

If this blackly comic BBC drama doesn’t get every award going then there’s no justice.

The key to surviving the next couple of weeks of TV is to avoid like the plague anything that smacks of seasonal viewing. So, no Christmas specials (such as the semi-celebrity, elderly grown-ups version of University Challenge where the questions are even more laboriously PC than on the student edition), no Harry Potter, no adverts featuring tinsel, dragons and patronisingly diverse families making merry. Basically, you want to steer clear of terrestrial TV altogether — but with one exception. You may use BBC iPlayer to download the only decent drama series that slipped through the net: Giri/Haji.

Read the rest  in the Spectator.


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