Andrew Neil Roasts Boris Johnson’s Looming HS2 Disaster

What could possibly go wrong with Boris Johnson’s hugely unpopular, disruptive and pointless HS2 infrastructure mega-project? After all, it’s not as though all the previous grands projets Boris championed ended late, massively over budget or collapsing in abject failure, is it?
No, wait…

As broadcaster Andrew Neil points out in this classic roast on his BBC show, when it comes to big infrastructure projects, Boris has the reverse Midas touch.

“…But other than Crossrail, the Boris Bus, the cable car [across the Thames], the new airport, oh and don’t forget the water cannon, they were never used, just look at what he’s done for our infrastructure. I think we can all agree, HS2 is safe in the Prime Minister’s hands.”

Read it on Breitbart.

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