Why Is Boris Johnson Allowing Eco-Fascists to Run Riot in Britain?

Activists from the Extinction Rebellion climate action group protest outside the International Maritime Organisation in London on February 17, 2020 against pollution in the Arctic due to the global shipping industry as delegates meet for the International Maritime Organizations week long Pollution Prevention & Response sub-committee (PPR7) meeting. (Photo by …
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Extinction Rebellion vandals are digging up the lawns outside Cambridge’s grandest college Trinity and have blocked one of the roundabouts near the city centre.

Why aren’t the police arresting them? Why should taxpayers have to pay for the damage done? And what does this say about the future of Britain under a green tyranny where hardcore environmental activists and the Boris Johnson administration appear to have formed an alliance in opposition to the British people?

Here are the scenes in Cambridge today, dodgy anarchists wearing the fashionable Extinction Rebellion hat, digging up Cambridge’s manicured lawns under the rainbow flag.

And here are the same unruly mob closing down one of Cambridge’s thoroughfares, as if it’s entirely up to them who does and doesn’t get to use the public highway.

And here are local people fast losing patience with the apparent reluctance of the authorities — notably Cambridge police — to do the job they are paid for and maintain law and order.

Shockingly, almost unbelievably, instead of clearing away Extinction Rebellion’s makeshift roadblock, the local police have actually chosen to formalise the protest by using their own ’emergency police powers’ to close roads officially. Buses have been diverted. ‘Pedestrians and cyclists will not be affected’, the Cambridge Police Twitter account tells us primly and with, perhaps, a hint of relish at being able to participate in this orgy of environmental virtue-signalling.

Read the rest on Breitbart.

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