Why I’m Backing Toby Young’s Free Speech Union

free speech
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The most nauseating phrase in the English language is “I’m not against free speech but…”

That’s because it’s always followed by a weaselly exegesis in which the slippery, disgusting, and borderline fascistic user explains why, actually, they don’t believe in free speech — and here are their crap reasons.

Usually, the excuse given is that there’s this thing called “hate speech” which should never be allowed because it’s so hateful.

By this token, leading liberal-left Establishment lawyer Helena Kennedy QC — Baroness Kennedy of The Shaws, as she is now known — ought never to be permitted to open her highfalutin Scottish gob again, except maybe at weekends when, in a spirit of mercy, she might be allowed out once to order a deep fried pizza and a bottle of Buckfast tonic.

That’s because pretty much everything she says is the purest, sanctimonious liberal-left poison which undoubtedly, in my view, makes the world a worse place and is therefore hate speech in excelsis.

Read the rest on Breitbart.

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