‘Trust the Experts on Coronavirus’. Sure. Which Experts?

Dr Otto von Niemann, played by English actor Lionel Atwill (1885 - 1946), conducts an experiment, in a scene from 'The Vampire Bat', directed by Frank R. Strayer, 1933. (Photo by Warner Bros./Archive Photos/Getty Images)
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Britain could suffer more than 60,000 coronavirus death by July, warns the Daily Mail.

But there’s a massive tell in the first sentence of the report: “…leading scientists say.”

And there’s an even bigger warning in the second paragraph:

“Modelling by researchers at the University of Washington predicted 151,680 people would succumb to the virus across the continent.”

Well maybe they will, maybe they won’t. No offence to the University of Washington but when I read the phrase “modelling by researchers” I know we are operating in the realms of purest fantasy.

That’s because I’m a climate sceptic and I’ve seen it all before.

Read the rest on Breitbart.

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