Cambridge University Dumbs Down for ‘Diversity’

A sign advising people to social distance is displayed on the Great Court at Trinity College, part of the University of Cambridge, in Cambridge, east England on October 14, 2020. - Going to Cambridge had always been a dream for Matthew Omoefe Offeh, one of a growing number of black …

Cambridge – the Fenlands university for people not quite interesting enough to get into Oxford – has decided to drop its admissions standards in order to attract more ‘diverse’ undergraduates.

According to the Telegraph:

Cambridge University is to admit disadvantaged students who left school with BBB grades at A-level as part of a new diversity drive.

The 800-year-old institution is recruiting 50 students for a new foundation year which is aimed at boosting the number of undergraduates from deprived families.

The course will be open to students from underprivileged backgrounds, including those from low income families, poorly performing schools, those who have spent time in care, or who have had their education disrupted due to ill health.

The usual offer to students who want to study at Cambridge is at least A*AA, but the university hopes to attract talented students who have missed out on top grades through circumstances out of their control. Cambridge has specified that “disruption caused by Covid-19 resulting in school or college closure is not in itself applicable”.

Read the rest on Breibart.

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