Greenpeace Is Just Another Branch of the UK Government

LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 13: In this handout photo provided by Greenpeace, Greenpeace activists dump bags of plastic waste at the main entrance to Downing Street in a protest against the UK governments exporting of plastic waste on July 13, 2021 in London, England. 625 kilograms of plastic recycling has …

Have a look at this video footage of enviro loon activists blockading a McDonald’s meat plant in the UK. Do you smell a rat? I do.

If you don’t smell a rat, here’s a suggestion: try filling a few buses and maybe a lorry with 100 of your smelliest friends, drive to the nearest food factory and start blockading the entrance with bamboo constructions. Maybe, for added drama, you could let off a few smoke bombs.

Now see how long it takes before the police arrest you for a breach of the peace…

Read the rest on Breitbart.

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