Almost nobody has emerged well from the weekend’s MAGA kids #FakeNews fiasco

The hard left has revealed itself (yet again) to be vicious, dishonest, violent, ugly, conscience-free.

The media — both mainstream and online — have proved themselves hopelessly inadequate to the task of being fair, balanced and accurate when reporting on stories even tangentially connected to Donald Trump.

The celebrity class — aka the Wankerati — has shown how pathetically eager it is to jump on any twitchfork mob bandwagon in order to burnish its woke credentials.

The Catholic church — which really should have stood up for those boys — has proved itself, in several cases, to be weak, cowardly, disingenuous, too quick to form judgments. But perhaps the people who emerge with the least credit out of this sorry episode — mainly because they should know better — are all those ‘conservative’ voices who hurried forth with indecent haste to parade their virtue by throwing a bunch of innocent high school juniors to the wolves.

These conservatives included talk show host Hugh Hewitt, who — even after the boys’ innocence had been confirmed — remained strangely wedded to the idea that they needed a moral lecture on “respect, forgiveness, courtesy.” (Why?)

They also included the National Review, forced to spike one of its authors’ articles and issue a groveling climb-down, having too-eagerly accepted the leftist propaganda narrative at its word.

The Lincoln Memorial Hoax

January 20, 2019 4:57 PM
Last night, I tweeted that the Catholic high school that apologized over the conduct of its kids at the Lincoln Memorial did the appropriate thing. Then someone shared with me a snippet from a different angle/time that showed the Indian elder/activist approaching the kid in a MAGA hat who looked initially like he was menacing him. I noted that ambiguity in another tweet and said it was still wrong for the other kids to mock the elder’s chant. Now, even more extensive video shows that the elder approached the entire group of kids in the first place and suggests — together with a statement by one of the students — that the kids jumping around and chanting may not necessarily have been mean-spirited. All this took place in the context of a long, poisonous tirade directed at the the students by a group of black nationalists. Anyway, if not a hoax, this at the very least was not what it initially seemed. I deleted my original tweet and we also took down a strongly worded post by my colleague Nick Frankovich that relied on the incomplete video. It’s another reminder — even for an old hand like me — that it’s best not to make snap judgments and to wait for all sides of a controversy to have a chance to be heard.

In his tweet, former RNC Chairman Michael Steele chose race-baiting virtue signaling over the truth (since deleted, worse luck!).
Here’s New York Times house conservative Ross Douthat suggesting that even though it wasn’t the boys’ fault it sorta, kinda was because MAGA hats…

None of these conservatives needed to stick their oar into the debate, but they couldn’t resist.

And we all know why they couldn’t resist: it’s that old, sled-being-chased-by-wolves scenario – which is forever undoing the conservative cause.

The wolves are, of course, the ravening left, ever desperate for right-wing flesh.

The driver of the sled is your typical squishy conservative, determined to save his skin at whatever cost.

So in order to escape the wolves, he has to lighten the load, or distract the wolves with gobbets of meat.

And who are the gobbets of meat he uses to lighten the load or feed the wolves?
Why they are, of course, the conservatives traveling with him on the sled.

Mark Steyn puts it well:

What’s disturbing about this fake hate crime is not that the Twitter mob scented blood in its nostrils and went bounding after its prey, but that a big chunk of Conservative Inc. piled on, as enthusiastically as the left.

I agree. For me, the standout message of this sorry affair is that conservatives have gotto stop playing the enemy’s game; they’ve got to stop confusing virtue-signaling with integrity, decency or moral principle; they’ve got to be more like Trump and less like — well, pretty much any conventional conservative politician you could name, because they’re all at it…
Of course we expect the liberal-left to fall for a basic, emotive, mendacious narrative like “spoilt white, Trump-supporting high school kids disrespect and bully a noble, elderly Native American who served his country in Vietnam.”
But conservatives are — or ought to be — better than that. We prize hard-headed facts over confected emotion. We judge people on how they behave not on who they are.

We don’t — or shouldn’t — see an old Native American guy beating his native drum and incanting the kind of chant that calls to mind Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee — and then instantly go: “I’d trust this guy any day over a bunch of white high school kids because ethnicity and white guilt and that Richard Harris movie where he gets strung up by his nipples.”

When you put it like that, it sounds really shallow doesn’t it?”Let us prostrate ourselves before the Red Man because we are not worthy”.

Like I said, you expect that kind of grovelling, embarrassing, disingenuous, sanctimonious, Uriah-Heepish, virtue-signaling behavior from identity-politics-obsessed leftists because they’re stupid and they’re dishonest and it’s how they roll.

But that’s no reason for conservatives to play that game. Especially when, as in this particular case, the white kids in the MAGA hats turn out to be the good guys. And the guy playing the Native American elder/Nam vet card turns out to be the troublemaker.

What Phillips really is, it seems fair to say, is a left-wing activist who gets outrageously overindulged by a credulous left-liberal media because he looks the part. (He even once appeared in a Skrillex video).

The snaggle teeth, the emaciated weather-beaten face, that whole schtick he does about his forefathers’ traditions— “This is indigenous land. We’re not supposed to have walls here. We never did …for millennia,” he said wiping tears…”
This guy is every virtue-signaling idiot’s dream come true. To take his side, the more passionately the better, is to show to the world emphatically that you are one of the good guys: you are pro herds of bison roaming free, pro ancient traditions, pro living off the land, and really, like, totally against the rapacious white man with his MAGA hats and his massacres and his Iron Horse cutting across the unspoilt landscape of proud, noble people who just wanted to be left in peace.

Hence tweets like this one, which I quoted yesterday and which I’m going to have to quote one more time because it’s so gloriously, collectibly emetic.

So this woman, Edith Bowman, is a BBC DJ — a job, obviously, you’ll only ever get if you display impeccably woke views. And here she is, so overwhelmed with self-righteous rage at the perceived injustice towards the noble Native American that she claims to have “felt physically sick.” Is she going to apologise? Well she has been given lots of chances but hasn’t done so yet…

Truly, there is no form of humiliation yet devised — I suppose Cersei’s Walk of Shame comes close — that could ever give Bowman and her ilk the payback they deserve for their orgy of virtue-signaling cant and hypocrisy over the weekend.

But you expect this kind of nonsense from the left-liberal Wankerati.
You don’t — or shouldn’t — from conservatives. I hope those who’ve made idiots of themselves in this affair have learned their lesson. This incident is — or ought to have been — virtue-signaling’s Gettysburg… the battle that changed the tide of the civil war.

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A Special Message: How to Help Tommy

Thanks to all of you who have been writing to ask how best to help Tommy Robinson.

Simple. Go to his website

There you will find a donate button which will help support him and his family.

Thanks for listening


PS: Here is the petition site: Tommy Robinson. There is an additional petition to help keep Tommy safe in prison.

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Remember Manchester. The Liberal Establishment Would Rather You Didn’t…

Look at the faces of the dead or missing children from the Manchester suicide bombing. Think about how their friends and families are feeling right now; imagine the terror and pain those around them must have experienced as they fled or lay wounded amid the glass, shrapnel, blood and faeces; mourn the young lives cut so callously short.

Do all these things now, while you can, while the emotion is still raw, because in a few days those innocents will be forgotten (except by the loved ones whose happiness will, of course, remain permanently blighted), the politicians will have said their usual stuff and the media circus will have moved on.

Make no mistake this is what the head-in-the-sand liberal establishment wants you to do.

It may not be official policy – no one would be crass enough to write it down or codify it. But across the world from San Bernardino to Mumbai, from Stockholm to Berlin, from Paris to Manchester, the modus operandi is the same: a swift burst of shock and outrage, very quickly dampened down by the regulation-issue  call to “get on with life and thank the nurses”, a candle-lit vigil and an almost indecently hasty memorial service, followed by virtual oblivion.

I talked about this recently to Douglas Murray (guest of my next podcast) whose new bestseller The Strange Death of Europe asks, among other questions, how it is that we have come to value Western culture so lightly that we are now apparently prepared to allow it to be swamped and obliterated by the combined forces of mass immigration and militant Islam.

Murray’s view is that it’s because we don’t want to face up to the horror that, even now, is engulfing us.

If we can scrub away those pesky bloodstains ASAP and get the memorial services over with (in the case of the victims of Westminster terrorist Khaled Massood before their bodies were buried) then maybe all the horrid stuff we don’t want to deal with will somehow disappear.

So on we shall continue in our fool’s paradise like the Eloi – the fragile, graceful, proto-hippy folk in HG Wells’s The Time Machine. They live a life of (delusional) ease, peace and beauty. But the terrible price they pay for this is to be devoured, at intervals, by the savage and barbaric Morlocks.

This is how it will end: not with a whimper but an endless succession of bangs.


Greenpeace: A Bunch of Liars

So Greenpeace have admitted in court to being a bunch of liars. Not for the first time, it must be said, as I detail in my book Watermelons.

What I don’t understand about these mendacious, hair-shirt, tofu-eating, liberty-loathing shysters is the virtually free pass they get not just from the mainstream media but everywhere from governments to schools to the man in the street.

At Latitude Festival a few years back I remember they’d actually been put in charge of the children’s section. “Give me the child until he is seven…”

But they’re not dispassionate, lovable, seekers after truth.
They’re hard left political activists – and lies and propaganda are their trade.

It’s not often my sympathies lie with Japanese whaling crews or Vladmir Putin. But when they’re hosing down Greenpeace tossers in their RIBs or bunging them in the nick for stopping oil rigs trying to go about their business providing the world with energy, then I say “Go Japs! Go Vladimir!”…/greenpeace-admits-its-a…

Now Greenpeace says it never intended people to take its words about Resolute’s logging practices as literal truth
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Annoying Tosser of the Day

My annoying tosser of the day is ‘Professor’ David Phoenix, ‘Vice Chancellor’ of South Bank ‘University’.

I feel all those inverted commas are necessary because it’s only a jumped up polytechnic and I suspect his title – and his OBE: he’s got an OBE FFS! – owes more to services to time-serving, bureaucracy and rampant left-wingery than anything he has achieved in academe.

You can listen to him on Radio 4 Today which I’ll post below. The section is about 2.48 in.

He’s responding to a study from the Adam Smith Institute (ASI) which suggests that about 9 out of 10 university lecturers swing left rather than the right.

Well we hardly needed the ASI to tell us this. Anyone with even the remotest association with academe knows it to be the case. Universities are the Helm’s Deep of PC lunacy. Only a reality denying idiot would dispute this.

Step forward ‘Professor’ Dave – who did just that.

The sample, he said, was too small.

And there was no left-wing bias on campus – because at South Bank ‘University’ they really valued free speech.

That was it. That was his argument. “There is no left-wing or free speech problem on campus anywhere in Britain because I, ‘Professor’ Dave say so.”

Mind you, the whole segment was a farce. Why did Today have to book such a dogmatic, naysaying leftist who just killed the discussion stone dead? Why couldn’t it have been somebody with something germane and informed to say like Professor Frank Furedi? Or a woman? How about a woman? Radio 4 loves women and there are loads of really good ones it could have got to strike the right gender balance – Claire Fox, say?

And why did the author of the report, Ben Southwood, have to present it in such a meek, almost apologetic way that he damned near went along with interviewer Justin Webb’s suggestion that the report was meaningless?

Here was an opportunity for Britain’s premier daily current affairs programme to broach one of the major cultural issues of our times: our kids at universities are being brainwashed by a bunch of thick trots; they actually believe ‘safe spaces’ are an important thing; free speech is increasingly constrained.

And BBC Radio 4 Today programme – as per sodding usual – ducked it completely. Shame on you, Today programme. You are such a piece of shit. And the worst of it is, you don’t even know WHY you’re so shit. You think that non-debate you conducted there was emblematic of fairness and balance.

Listen for yourself. Keep a sick bag handy.

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I Just Dropped the ‘C’ Bomb on Some Never Trumpers…

Conservatism has a problem and it’s the same problem it was about this time last week when I wrote by far my most popular post ever on this site: the one about MILO.

The problem is a four-letter word and it begins with “C”.

(No, not that one. That’s my favourite and I use it all the time in English conversation – though rarely in America and never in print.)

I mean “cuck”.

Mind you, the way some of my audience reacted you’d think I had used the much more offensive word.

Read some of the comments – a Ricochet podcast – and see for yourself.

I’ll continue this piece after I’ve posted this bit since I have NO IDEA how to publish articles on a Facebook page. I don’t even know how do stuff like bold or italics or a different point for the headline. But I guess this is shit I’ll have to put up with if I’m going to create the original content necessary to make people read this site.

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More on Me, Milo, NeverTrumpers and the C Bomb…

So yeah, I used the C bomb and they recoiled as if I’d used the actual C word instead of just the relatively harmless insult – cuck – used by red-meat conservatives to dismiss those of a more vegetarian variety.

It’s not a term I particularly adore myself. Too macho. Too Kurt Schlichter and Mike Cernovich. I’m a big fan of both those guys’ writing but I’m not them and they’re not me. I’m an Oxbridge educated Englishman who used to have long girlie hair and has taken lots of drugs and actually values shit like nuance and literature and lightness of touch. But there are some occasions, nonetheless, when only the word “cuck” – short for cuckold – will do. And one of them, I decided, was when venting on Ricochet about the defenestration of Milo.

I have no axe to grind against Ricochet – they’re my friends. At least I thought they were till I saw the response from some of their readers to that podcast. And those responses seem to me emblematic of everything that is wrong with the conservative movement in its broadest sense: the prissy, prim, navel-gazing, self-regarding, uptight strain who see themselves as Keepers of the Conservative Flame and who dismiss anyone who falls short of their invented standards as “not a real conservative” and therefore unworthy of their support.

God, how this applies to NeverTrumpers. (It was NeverTrumpers, of course, who went after Milo). I really don’t care if Donald Trump was a Democrat once. I don’t give a toss – nor did all those women who voted for him – about the “grab them by the pussy” tapes. I don’t care about his brashness and his vulgarity and his inability to have lovely skin tone like Obama and to make grave-sounding speeches about absolutely nothing like Obama was so good at doing.

All I care about is: is he good at getting conservative shit done? And he is. Really good at it. I like the military – most conservatives do. I think poor kids, whether black or white, shouldn’t have to endure a substandard education which only prolongs and increases the vast societal divide between the haves and the have-nots. I think global warming is a massive, mostly left-wing conspiracy against free markets, liberty and science. I believe in the Laffer Curve and think lower taxes are better than higher taxes.

Donald Trump is doing good stuff in all these areas and more. You can see why the liberal-left might not want to give him credit for this: they’re perennially wrong about everything. But the people I really don’t understand are the people in the conservative movement who are not cheering him to the rafters.

“Don’t make the best the enemy of the good” they say.

Damn right. Except in Trump’s case the phrase should be: “Don’t make the best the enemy of the pretty damned amazing.”

Trump’s doing great. He’s funny, he’s a King Troll on Twitter, he’s sticking it to the liberal media in a way that they’ve deserved for years and he’s doing lots and lots of really good things which anyone of an even half-way conservative disposition should be celebrating.

I’m sorry NeverTrumpers – because some of you are my friends: or were – but your ingratitude nauseates me in the same way your willingness to chuck Milo over the back of the sledge to feed the wolves disgusts me.

That’s why I’m wheeling out the C word once more because, I’m sorry but you deserve it.

Cucks. You’re a bunch of cucks. There it is.

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