Fish Show

(Penguin) 1997

Fish Show is a gastronomic fantasy about a bored restaurant critic who, to please his facile and trendy new boss, begins writing about ever-more exotic restaurants which don’t actually exist. Or do they….?

This book was my first novel and reads like one. It has ingenu charm, some good jokes, and the weird restaurant set pieces are great. With a bit of tinkering it would make the most fantastic movie. But the ending doesn’t quite hang together and the main character Giles Fripp is a bit of a prat. Mind you, you could say that about pretty much all my heroes – all of whom are, of course, based on me.

You will like if: you’re a foodie; you like restaurants; you enjoy quirky wish-fulfilment fantasies. Some people LOVE this book and think it’s the best I’ve ever done.

You will dislike if: you’re bothered by crap endings; you don’t like fattish, slightly pompous, irritating narrators.

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