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How can I support James and his wonderful Delingpods? This is the question everyone is asking and I really can’t blame them. There are two main ways: direct donations and Special Friend Badge purchases.

Direct Donations:

PayPal | Patreon | and finally, Bitcoin (see the button below).


Special Friend Badges

Everyone wants a Special Friend badge, and it’s no wonder. Special Friend badges really are special. They are handmade by elves using the finest materials including red enamel and what could easily be mistaken for gold. They come in a limited edition of 1000 and when you buy one your name is entered into a ledger, like blockchain, only using traditional ink and vellum. Probably. One day your badge will be very valuable. Perhaps it is already.

Also, it is something you can wear proudly at James Delingpole events to show that you are his VERY special friend. It’s also a talking point at parties. “What’s that interesting red-pill-shaped badge you’re wearing? How do I get one?”

There are three ways to get a Special Friend badge.

One is to appear on the Delingpod podcast. (Or to have appeared on its predecessor Delingpole)

One is to accost me in the street and say: “I’m your Special Friend and I’d like to buy a badge, if you have any on you, please!”

One is to send £25 by PayPal using the form below. Or you can pay in Bitcoin. Or, if you’re really desperate, contact me via Twitter and I’ll see what other arrangements we can come up with. Thanks for your interest. And thanks for supporting the Delingpod. Though it has many listeners, it is currently a labour of love – run by me and my team of loyal, generous, heroic, unpaid volunteers. Your donation makes it slightly less likely that I’ll throw in the towel, which I’m sure everyone from my wife to my accountant would love me to do, because as Doctor Johnson famously said: “Any man who podcasted except for money is a blockhead.”

You can order a badge (and register as a Special Friend) using the form below: