My Problem with Barack Obama Isn’t That He’s Black…

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My problem with Barack Obama is that hes a white liberal.

All right, Ive cracked this joke at least twice before once in Welcome To Obamaland and once in 365 Ways To Drive A Liberal Crazy but its always worth repeating for at least two good reasons. 1. Its true. 2. It annoys the hell out of all those liberal-lefties who love to pretend that attacks on their pet president are racially motivated. As, predictably, many of them did below my last blog post OBama? Oh puh-lease!

Heres one of the paragraphs they found so offensive:

Except, when he’s in Africa, of course, when he disappears into the dry ice and re-emerges with a grass skirt and a bone through his nose and declares himself to be Mandingo, Prince of the Bloodline of the Bonga People, Drinker of Cattle Urine, Father of A Thousand Warrior Sons, Keeper of King Solomon’s Mines, Barehanded Slayer of Lions, Undaunted Victim of the Evil Colonial British Empire.

Is this racist? Id say not. Id call it satire. But then, one of the clever things about the term racist in its modern, catch-all sense is that its a bit like witchcraft in the 17th century: denial just constitutes further proof of guilt. Thats why liberals like Twitterer DCPlod who branded me yesterday with the hashtag racistpig so enjoy deploying the deadly R word against their ideological opponents. It enables them to play judge, jury and executioner without having to go through any of the tedium or intellectual challenge of offering their antagonists a fair trial.

For the record, though, I probably am a teeny bit racist. For example, I have to confess that I have a slight bias towards black conservatives and libertarians over white ones. Its harsh and unfair, I know. Poor Rush Limbaugh and Mark Steyn and Dennis Miller and G Gordon Liddy and PJ ORourke and all the other right-wing whiteys I like are probably never going to get over the fact that I dont respect and admire them quite as much as I do, say, Thomas Sowell. But Im afraid thats just the way it is. Sowell is black and the fact that he is black makes him that little bit more impressive in my eyes because in order to become one of the worlds greatest right-leaning economists and commentators he had so much more baggage to overcome. Any black person can be a liberal-leftie; indeed as we saw from voting patterns in the last US presidential election its almost de rigueur. To be a black conservative, on the other hand, now that requires some cojones.

Consider the case of Pastor CL Bryant on fiery form in this video. (H/T Julie Erickson; Breitbart TV)As he admits in the course of his speech to a tiny audience, he could have been one of the great black contenders. After all, he had all the right credentials: 25 years ago he was radical leader of the Americas most powerful race-based caucus groups the National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People (NAACP). His rabble-rousing grievance-mongering, identity-politicking could have carried him to the top, perhaps even as high as the presidency itself. But then Bryant had a personal revelation: if he carried on playing that game he wouldnt really be advancing the cause of black people at all; rather he would be doing the work of their slave masters white liberals.

Hes quite right, of course. Ill wager a good deal of money that the vast majority of those commenters who branded me with the r word yesterday were not black people who felt insulted by my obviously flippant pastiche version of Africa, but white liberals taking umbrage on their behalf, as white liberals so often do in it that superior, patronising way of theirs. Its as if they think black people are far too stupid and inarticulate and helpless to stick up for themselves, so they must therefore step in to help them and nurse them at every turn, be it through welfare handouts or affirmative action or special events directing them how best to celebrate their culture.

Take Black History Month: was there ever an event more patronising? Black people runs the subtext, Are so dumb, so preoccupied by skin colour, so prejudiced and so hypersensitive that they cannot take their history served to them straight. It has to be adapted to their special needs. A whole month has to be put aside in order to big up a few minor-league historical players not because what they achieved was necessarily that notable (if it were, they wouldnt be Black History, would they? Theyd just be History) but because they happened to come from the appropriate minority background.

This approach is a nonsense. In fact its so demeaning to black people Id say it qualifies as racism. It implies that they are not free-thinking individuals capable of a range of nuanced views, career options, intellectual achievements and lifestyle choices but a lumpen mass defined largely by their skin colour.

And this, disgracefully, is exactly the kind of game President Obama plays, and why I was inspired the other day to satirise his pathetic attempts at being the worlds Great Race Chameleon, with his amazing ability to change his identity in accordance with the audience hes addressing: an Irishman for the Irish; an African for the Africans; a Muslim for the Muslims; and so on.

Can he really not see how much damage this does? Does he not get that this approach plays into the hands of some of the worlds nastiest extremists: the Islamists who believe every single Muslim in the world should owe his loyalties not to his host culture but to the Umma; the white (and black) supremacists; the separatist terrorists from Ireland to the Basque country to Chechnya to Kashmir?

The truly great black people are not those who play the race card, as Obama so frequently does, but those who choose to forego the easy path of identity politics and strive after what is true rather than settle for what is expedient. Im thinking of people like the marvellous Allen West, who I hope one day will campaign for the White House, not on a ticket representing black Americans but simply Americans; and on this side of the Atlantic of people like Katharine Birbalsingh and Tony Sewell. And, of course, of Thomas Sowell who transcended his humble beginnings to graduate magna cum laude from Harvard, not because anyone saw the colour of his skin and felt sorry for him but because hes a clever guy who works hard and knows how to use his brain.

Heres a sample of Sowell at his considerable best: (H/T Eureferendum)

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8 thoughts on “My problem with Barack Obama isn’t that he’s black…”

  1. Gordon Rabon says:27th May 2011 at 3:40 pm“Cattle urine, bongo bongo” Give us a break Delingpole, you’re just a pure and simple hate merchant dressing up as satirist. A clueless one at that too. No doubt your loyal lemmings will get hard on over this new article…
  2. JimmyGiro says:28th May 2011 at 12:51 pmI’ve got a hard on.
  3. Andrew Ryan says:28th May 2011 at 2:12 pmReducing a whole continent down to dancing around with a bone through your nose is equivalent to reducing Europe down to Nazism, or reducing Catholicism – or even the whole of Christianity – down to pedophile priests.Would you consider it clever if someone reacted to David Cameron and his wife visiting a church by sneering “Oh, I guess they abused a few children while they were there!”. If the Queen said she felt proud to be British, would you think it accurate to say “Britain, as in Europe – where they killed all those Jews?”.Yes, you can use the defence of satire, but you arguably deserve a place in Pseud’s Corner to claim kinship with Jonathan Swift with such blunt stereotyping.
  4. Andrew Ryan says:28th May 2011 at 3:09 pmJames Delingpole: ” It enables them to play judge, jury and executioner without having to go through any of the tedium or intellectual challenge of offering their antagonists a fair trial.”If so then it appears to have exactly the same ‘deliciously un-PC’ function as calling someone a ‘libtard’, or indeed accusing someone of being ‘PC’, painted as being the worst thing in the world, or at least equal to racism.Once you’ve responded to any accusation by calling your opponent ‘PC’, then you are shutting down debate in precisely the manner you say the ‘R’ word does.
  5. Gordon Rabon says:29th May 2011 at 4:36 am@Andrew Ryan“Reducing a whole continent down to dancing around with a bone through your nose is equivalent to reducing Europe down to Nazism, or reducing Catholicism – or even the whole of Christianity – down to pedophile priests.”Andrew, didn’t you know, to quote a famous libertarian, Africa is just a country to them.
  6. Gordon Rabon says:29th May 2011 at 4:39 am@JimmyGiro“I’ve got a hard on.”Hey Jimmy, glad to hear Delingpole is servicing you well.
  7. Steve says:30th May 2011 at 7:53 pmKeep it up man, love your articles and blogs. At least someone isn’t afraid to speak the truth. Liberals do not understand truth, if you prove them wrong then they will respond with anger.
  8. Velocity says:8th June 2011 at 11:56 pmthe problem with Obumma is he’s a progressive (closet Marxist) …the 2nd problem is he’s a puppet of the most corrupt political system in the world (no Yank can even run for office without vast sums of patronage for their campaign)add those 2 facts together and it’s no wonder Obumma is the worst President in American history amongst a field of non-stop corrupt puppets

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