Gender Stereotyping in Adverts Is Great; Banning It Is Dangerous PC Lunacy

Hulton Archive/Getty Images

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My favourite advert of the last ten years was probably the “Are you beach body ready?” Protein World poster campaign.

Partly I liked it because it featured a hot-looking girl in a bikini, so naturally it appealed to my inner caveman.

Partly I liked it because it annoyed so many of the right people — everyone from London’s closet Islamist Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, to all the feminists who were outraged that in the 21st century men still want to stare at semi-naked hot chicks with slim bodies more than they want to stare at minging porkers with blue hair and PhDs in gender studies and multiple cat maintenance.

Mainly I liked it because it was a glorious throwback to a happier, better age when advertising did what it is supposed to do: appeal to our most basic instincts in order to seduce us into buying stuff.

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