What It’s Like to Die Horribly on a BBC Politics Show

This Week 3

Last night I died horribly in front of nearly one million viewers on the BBC political talk show This Week.

It was so unpleasant I never want to experience it again. But of course I will. Car crash moments are an inevitable consequence of appearing in the public eye — especially if like me you’re one of those chancers who prefers to leave everything to the last minute in the hope you can wing it using a mixture of charm, impish humour, and nuggets of vaguely relevant info snatched on the hoof from the recesses of your memory.

More often than not this technique works. It’s one of the reasons Oxbridge graduates tend to do well in this shallow culture of ours: their education essentially entails spending three or four years being trained in the art of bullshit.

But when you’re up against a relentless inquisitor like the BBC’s Andrew Neil it’s no use at all. He’s not there to discover how amusing you are or how eloquently you can fill the dead air. He just wants a straight answer to the question.

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