Donald Trump Is Turning into David Cameron. This Is Bad.

Donald Trump is turning into David Cameron – and I don’t mean this as a compliment.

David Cameron had some pretty stiff competition in the field of Most Awful British Prime Minister of the Last 20 Years. But at least his rivals – the dour, incompetent Socialist Gordon Brown and the venal and slippery warmonger Tony Blair – campaigned on a Labour party ticket. Cameron, on the other hand, campaigned as a Conservative. And there’s really nothing more despicable than a politician who betrays his own voter base in order to position himself as a mainstream centrist.

This is what David Cameron did, throughout his two terms as Prime Minister. To anyone of a genuinely conservative disposition he was a massive disappointment: on his watch, the police and justice system grew more politically correct, the minimum wage rose, Keynesian deficit spending continued to flourish, green policies proliferated, defence spending was cut while foreign aid was increased – delighting the kind of people who believe that conservatism is heartless and evil, but infuriating those who understand that it’s about hard but fair decisions taken for the long term benefit of all.

Cameron’s fundamental problem was that he wasn’t ideological. He believed – like Bismarck, like Tony Blair, unlike Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan – that politics is the art of the possible. He wanted to be liked much more than he wanted to do the right thing. He was more interested in what his hero Tony Blair called “eye-catching initiatives” – i.e., meaningless gestures like his doomed schemes to create a “Big Society” and to lead “the Greenest Government Ever” – than doing hard stuff that needed to be done like reducing government spending or reforming the National Health Service.

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