Attenborough Tacitly Admits Netflix Cock-up on ‘Walrusgate’ Tragedy Porn

PETER BYRNE/AFP via Getty Images

It was one of the most heart-rending animal tragedy episodes ever shown on TV: hundreds of walruses shown plunging over a cliff to their deaths out of “desperation” caused by climate change.

Or so the story originally went when Sir David Attenborough first told it last year on his Netflix documentary Our Planet, causing much upset to impressionable viewers.

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Walrusgate – Attenborough Exposed in #FakeNews Netflix Eco Documentary Scandal

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Did wildlife filmmakers from the $25 million Netflix series Our Planet accidentally drive a herd of walruses to their deaths – then lie about the incident afterwards in order to defend their preferred narrative that the creatures were tragic victims of climate change? From the perspective of a climate change sceptic like myself, sick to death of the relentless propaganda pumped up by green activists, it seems like a story just too good – and too darkly hilarious – to be true.

But the evidence seems to be pointing that way. Thanks to research from a crack team of maverick bloggers, we can now be all but certain that Our Planet misrepresented the facts in the now-infamous, widely publicised “tragedy porn” sequence of walruses plunging to their deaths over a cliff.

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