Why Pachauri MUST stay as chairman of the IPCC

Troll impersonator in chief.

Dr Rajendra K Pachauri



Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Children’s Parties.

Contact: RK Pachauri, No. 1 Carbon Heights, Millionaires’ Row, Delhi, India

Now I know that one or two of you might disagree, but the above business card – which I designed myself, though if he wants a professional job doing I can highly recommend my brother  – is most definitely not something I want to see being handed round by the Yummy Mummies in Dulwich or Notting Hill or the posher parts of Delhi. Not now. Not ever.

I don’t want Pachauri to give up his day job. He is performing a far, far, FAR greater service to the world where he is, chairing the IPCC, than he ever could scaring little kiddies at parties or going back to his old job as a railway engineer.

Here is one reason why he should stay. And here’s another. Yes that’s right. When Warmists as committed as environment editors Geoffrey Lean and Charles Clover are calling for Pachauri’s resignation with lines like this –

If we are to have the best possible predictions about climate change, urgent decisions need to be taken. The agreeable but gaffe-prone Pachauri should accept it would be wise to walk now, so some heavy-hitters can step in and prevent a disastrous slide in the IPCC’s credibility. The sooner, the better.

– then you just KNOW it must be the right thing for Pachauri to stay in post.

Nor I am being wholly flippant, here. As we all well know, Pachauri’s credibility is toast -not only in Britain and the US, but even among his previously enormous fan club in India. According to Richard North – the crusading hero who, with Christopher Booker has done more than anyone to expose Pachauri’s multifarious business interests – Pachauri is so out of favour with the Indian government following his “voodoo science” calumny that he is now most unlikely to be given the prestige position as head of India’s national solar mission.

But this, of course, is now the Warmists are clamouring for Pachauri to go. They are calculating that if they throw him off the back to feed the ravening wolves, the Slippery Sledge of the Great Global Warming Scam will be able to pull away into the distance and elude its howling pursuers. (That’s makes me one of the wolves, I suppose. But I’m OK with that. Wolves are cool). Clearly, we mustn’t let them get away with this.

These have been a truly wonderful couple of months for the cause of climate honesty and realism. Over at Climate Depot my friend Marc Morano is boasting:

“We are witnessing the Berlin Wall moment in the global warming regime. The statist cabal that has ruled the climate debate since the UN IPCC’s inception in 1988 is now tumbling down before our eyes. The so-called ‘gold-standard’ of scientific review turns out to be counterfeit.”

“Global warming is now undergoing the fastest ever collapse of any modern political movement.”

Morano is right. It really is quite astonishing how quickly and suddenly the AGW edifice – the “Billion dollar hoax” as Andrew Bolt calls it – is collapsing. We’re seeing previously committed Warmist scientists starting to bail. We’ve seen it confirmed that the Climatic Research Unit at University of East Anglia really did break Freedom of Information laws. We see in the latest Pew ratings that the US public is less convinced than ever before that addressing global warming is a priority. Even China is keeping an “open-mind” on the causes of climate change.

But let’s not underestimate the scale of the struggle we climate rationalists have ahead of us. AGW is the biggest and most far-reaching scientific scandal in history, whose tentacles spread into almost every aspect of our lives, from how we dispose of our trash and how we light up our homes, to how we travel and how we are taxed and regulated. Big business stands to make a fortune out of the scam; for governments it’s a way of extending their control and increasing power; for eco-fascists it’s a way of destroying industrial civilisation.

This conspiracy is much, MUCH bigger than one unfortunate bearded troll-impersonator.

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