How the BBC Fell for a Marxist Plot to Destroy Civilisation from within

When you mention to a Muslim or Hindu that the year is 2011, do you ever feel a twinge of guilt about your closet religious chauvinism? When you watch the old Raquel Welch film One Million Years BC, do you blushingly avert your gaze from the title sequence? When you catch your children reading 2000AD, do you furiously insist that they read something less offensive, such as The Beano or The Dandy, instead?

Well, the BBC thinks you should and it is taking action on your behalf.

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2 thoughts on “How the BBC fell for a Marxist plot to destroy civilisation from within”

  1. david smith says:26th September 2011 at 5:34 pmabsolutely brilliant article
  2. Bob Meyrick says:28th September 2011 at 12:43 pm“No longer will its website refer to those bigoted, Christian-centric concepts AD (as in Anno Domini – the Year of Our Lord) and BC (Before Christ)… All reference to Christ has been expunged, replaced by the terms CE (Common Era) and BCE (Before Common Era).”
    How odd, then, that these appear on the BBC History site in an article about the fall of the Roman Republic ( –
    “In 133 BC, Rome was a democracy. Little more than a hundred years later it was governed by an emperor.”
    “At the end of the second century BC the Roman people was sovereign.”
    “By 14 AD, when the first emperor Augustus died, popular elections had all but disappeared.”
    That’s just from the first few paragraphs. The rest of the article is littered with BCs and ADs, and amazingly in none of the articles about the Romans are there ANY references to BCE or CE. Your article is, I’m afraid, just inaccurate nonsense. You seem to agree with Ronald Reagan that “Facts are stupid things.”